Historical Highlights

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150th book

1844     YMCA organized in London, England.
1851     First YMCA in North America founded in Montreal on November 25th.
1852     YMCA’s established in Halifax and Toronto.
1853     YMCA established in Saint John.
1854     Yarmouth Exchange Building erected by Dennis Horton in August.
1855     YMCA established Charlottetown.
1858     YMCA organized in Yarmouth Exchange Building on October 11th. Bible Study, Library, Reading Room and Temperance Lectures offered. During this period the YMCA used various halls in the community.
1863     Local gymnastics enthusiasts push for building of a gymnasium, however scarcity of money delayed such a building. At this time the YMCA collected its money at various functions by passing wooden money boxes.
1863 to 1893     Local gymnastics enthusiasts push for building of a gymnasium, however scarcity of money delayed such a building. At this time, the YMCA collected its money at various functions by passing wooden money boxes.
1893     YMCA started Boys Program and held its first Ladies Fitness Program.
1905     Through the sale of a building bequeathed to the YMCA, and a generous donation from a local merchant, the YMCA purchased the Boston And Marine Insurance Building (on the site of the present day YMCA).
1905     YMCA of Yarmouth Incorporated under the Societies Act on April 7th.
1905 to 1910  Remodeled the building, adding a gymnasium and two bowling lanes.
1905 to 1918  During the First World War the YMCA existed only through its Board Of Directors.
1921     YMCA Camp Wapomeo established on Lake Fanning.
1924     Hi Y began and became an important movement for teens until the late 1960’s.
1925     Yarmouth YMCA Y’s Men Club begins.
1928     Bowling area enlarged to 4 lanes and lobby expanded.
1928 to 1945     Camp Wapomeo used to serve Armed Forces.
1942     YMCA began building the first living quarters at Camp Wapomeo.
1943     Fire partially destroys third floor of Boston Marine Building.
1945     Following World War II the YMCA program flourished and the leadership was very strong. At this time the Ball Field was very active – people began talking of expanding facilities.
1955     Building underwent extensive renovation on second floor, removing stairwell to Main Street, making shops and main floor office space.
1966     Plans begun to build a swimming pool.
1967     YMCA sells Ball Field to Town Of Yarmouth.
1968     With the help of a Centennial Project Grant, the pool becomes a reality.
1973     YMCA accepts, in principle, a Long Range Plan which could lead to a new Office, Lobby and gymnasium facility.
1974     Town and Municipal Elementary Schools Swimming Program developed.
1975     Extremely difficult year financially. Community group meetings were held to help plan for the future.
1976     Long Range Planning Report led to establishment of a Development Committee working with YMCA consultants on the future of the Association.
1977     Complete refurbishing of Centennial Pool and remodeling of kitchen and Dining Hall at Camp Wapomeo.
1978     Purchase of old Bank Building on Main Street. This would be the potential site for a new facility pending Development Committee report to the Board Of Directors.
1981     YMCA Canada establishes Fellowship of Honour. Each year, individuals from across Canada are selected and appointed, for inspiring civic responsibility and passing on a legacy of caring from one generation to the next.
1982     Old YMCA torn down to make way for new facility.
1983     YMCA of Yarmouth celebrates 125th Anniversary.
1984     New YMCA facility officially opened on November 19th.
1987     YMCA establishes Peace Week. Over 1200 individuals have since received Peace Medallions. Without any special resources, status, wealth or position, these people have demonstrated a comittment to peace through special contributions made in their communities.
1992     YMCA Enterprise Center opened.
1995     One half of gymnasium converted into major fitness center complete with cardio equipment, weights and various fitness related machines.
2001     May – Official opening the Nate Bain Lobby and Wellness Center in memory of long serving former YMCA director Nate Bain (June 29, 1908 – December 29, 1998) This included a major renovation of the lobby providing more space for the general public, and the development of a former racquetball court into an addition to the existing fitness center. Largely equipped with Keiser air pressure equipment, and supported by $140,000 in donations from the friends of Nate Bain.
2006     The YMCA Youth Exchanges Canada Program, funded by Canadian Heritage, gave 2,258 youth the chance to experience Canada’s diversity first hand.
2006     The YMCA launches a National Online Data Collection system, as well as a National Child Care Curriculum.
2007     Friday Night Rocks is founded at YMCA Yarmouth.
2008     YMCA celebrates its 150th Anniversary.
2009     YMCA’s across the nation celebrated the 25th Anniversary of YMCA Peace Week.
2009     YMCA’s raise awareness across the country by celebrating YMCA Healthy Kids Day.
2010 – 2011     Yarmouth YMCA completes major renovations to its youth locker rooms, and air handling system.
2011     YMCA devotes over $30 million to financial assistance for individuals and families in need. Much of this is raised through the YMCA Strong Kids Campaign.
2012     YMCA’s across the country helped over 30,000 children learn water safety and swimming skills.
2012     YMCA volunteers contributed 1.2 million hours in our communities across the country.
2013     The YMCA kicks-off a Canadian participation in the Global Change Agent Program, with 24 young leaders who joined others from 72 countries around the world.
2014     The Yarmouth YMCA establishes a partnership with the YReach Program, which provides immigrant youth, children and their families with a variety of program and outreach services.
2015     The Yarmouth YMCA reupholsters all equipment in the fitness centre.