YMCA Staff

CEO – Yvonne Smith
Yvonne is the CEO of YMCA of Yarmouth, Fundy YMCA, and Lunenburg YMCA, but her home base is in Lunenburg. Contact at Yvonne.Smith@ns.ymca.ca

Centre Manager – Aimee Daigle
Aimee will be our newest addition to the team. Aimee loves being active, meeting and people and has an extensive background working with individuals of all types in the community.  Contact Aimee at Aimee.Daigle@ns.ymca.ca

Membership Services Supervisor – Renee Hanf
Renee has an extensive background with the YMCA, as well as a commitment to community. Membership inquiries can go through Renee. Contact Renee at Renee.Hanf@ns.ymca.ca

Aquatics Supervisor – Jennifer Hood
As well as running the department, Jennifer also teaches pool running, swim lessons, and lifesaving courses for our lifeguards and swim teachers. Contact at Jenn.Hood@ns.ymca.ca

Child & Youth Facilitator
George Lawton  George.Lawton@ns.ymca.ca
Thomas Gabriel

Health, Fitness & Recreation Supervisor
Barbara Firth:  barb.firth@ns.ymca.ca

Wellness Leader:
Tyler Greene
Samantha Comeau
Jamie Humphrey

Gym Attendants:
Donovan Moulaison
Kristi Cook
Cory Fevens

Customer Service Representatives:
Phyllis Morris
Michelle Blauvelt
Jeremy Cottreau
Matthew MacPherson
Jennifer Bean


Chris Weatherby:  Chris.Weatherby@ns.ymca.ca
Maxine d’Eon
Jesse Gray
Lianda Thompson