Archery at the YMCA

A lot of us grew up in rural communities. We knew how to entertain ourselves with nature. Today, many young folks are from urban areas, and we sometimes struggle to entertain them with new ideas. In fact, archery is an old idea, and one that is forgotten in places.


In our school days, archery was commonly taught in phys ed, and it was mostly boys that gravitated to it due to the brute strength it took to shoot the bow.  Today, archery is fun and safe for many of us, and is the first shooting sport we learn.

Each of our students learns on identical equipment. It is safe, a universal fit, modern looking and durable, and is by far interesting for the student, as well as the teacher. This levels the playing field for all archers of all ages, and encourages focus on technique and form instead of equipment and tech specs.

archery pic1

Our YMCA teachers are specifically trained in NASP guidelines, and can offer an extensive teaching experience for all our students.

Archery has a spotless safety record, surveys have indicated wide spread support from teachers, parents, and students.

At the YMCA, our goal is to bring education and and teach a lifetime skill to every child.

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What do you need?
Nothing. Just bring yourself, wear comfortable clothing, and a willingness to learn.











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