Y12 Lottery Ticket Sales

Tickets will remain on sale until 12:30pm Monday Dec 31st.

Our 50/50 draw will be done at 1pm 

The lottery shop will then close for the season, and draws will continue through to March 2019.
Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.

Holiday Hours

Please Note:  The YMCA of Yarmouth will be closing on December 31st at 1PM to observe the New Year.  We will be Closed New Years’ Day, and reopening on January 2nd at 6AM.

Happy New Year Everyone!

Y12 Lottery

Still time to get your lottery ticket and support our Strong Kids Campaign. Our 50/50 is growing day by day and is now over $20,000 take home.  Call the YMCA today at 902-742-7181 or stop by the lottery shop in the Yarmouth Mall to get your lucky number.

Supervision of Children

Supervision of Children

It has always been the YMCA’s policy that children under the age of 10 are not permitted alone at the YMCA unless they are participating in a program.
Due to recent changes in child protection policies, and for the safety of all children at the YMCA, we are reminding parents/guardians of this.Children 10 and under must be accompanied by someone who is an adult, unless participating in a YMCA program (Friday Night Fun, Community Swims, Tim Hortons Free Swim, Toonie Swim)
All children MUST know an emergency contact and phone number.
Children 10 and under: Adult must be in the YMCA and be aware of the child’s location at all times.

Further to this, we now have a policy change for the pool area. PLEASE NOTE: This will come into effect on September 1st, 2015.

As of Sept 1st,2015 children under the age of 8 must be accompanied in the pool by someone 14 or over within arms reach. Both teens and adults must remain within arms reach of the child during entire swim. This policy includes Friday night fun but does not include swimming lessons.

Reminder: Parents of children 8-12 years of age must remain in the building during recreational swims.

These new policies are consistent with the Child Protection Policies that have been introduced, and are for the safety of children and youth.

Thank you for your cooperation.