Updated July 26, 2020

We would like to express our deepest thank you to the community, as well as to all of the incredible volunteers and staff that have worked to create an amazing sense of community.  To assist members, we will continue to post updates to our website.  Please see our new Frequently Asked Question section below.  Members may email their questions to yarmouth@ymca.ca 

Q. What will happen to the former YMCA facility located at 275 Main Street?

A. The Town of Yarmouth assumed ownership of the facility on Friday July 17th. Additional information on the Town’s plans moving forward can be found here: https://www.townofyarmouth.ca.

Q. Is the YMCA conducting a fundraising campaign to “Save the Y”

A. No. The YMCA will not be continuing operations in the Yarmouth community and is not running a campaign for reopening.

Q. Is there currently a fundraising effort that I can contribute toward?

A. The Town of Yarmouth has created a trust fund to serve as a safe place for individuals and businesses to make donations as the Town explores options for a potential reopening of the former YMCA facility at 275 Main Street.

The fund has been created for the specific purpose of supporting the reopening of the facility at 275 Main Street, formerly operated by the YMCA of Yarmouth. Full details on the fund, including ways to donate, can be found here: https://www.townofyarmouth.ca/community-donation-.

Q. Will people get a monthly membership refund?

A.  The YMCA of Yarmouth immediately stopped all membership fees and program payments when the centre closed on March 17th. All YMCA Memberships have now been cancelled and refunds for all pre-paid memberships have been processed. Refund cheques were mailed on July 21st. If you have any inquiries about the status of your account email yarmouth@ymca.ca.

Q.  What happens to unused YMCA Gift Certificates?

A. If you have unused YMCA Gift Certificates please contact us at yarmouth@ymca.ca as soon as possible to arrange for a full refund.

Q.  Can I get a refund for…?

A. Refunds for all pre-paid annual memberships, pre-paid program fees and rental agreements have been processed and refund cheques were mailed on July 21st to the address previously provided to the YMCA. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact yarmouth@ymca.ca.

Q. Are you selling any equipment?

A.  The YMCA will not be selling any fitness equipment or program supplies.

Q. What happens to Y Reach?

A. The Y Reach program will continue to provide information, orientation, and settlement/integration support to immigrants, refugees, and their families who are new to Yarmouth community. For more information contact Dolores Atwood at dolores.atwood@halifax.ymca.ca.

Q. What happens to the Whitecaps Swim Team?

A. For information about the Whitecaps Swim Team please contact Alix d’Entremont, Head Coach at Yarmouthwhitecaps@gmail.com.

Q. What happens to the Kidz Act Program?

A. For information about the Kidz Act Program contact Deanna McCarron at kidzact@eastlink.ca

Q. What happens to the NHSA Cardiovascular Rehab Program?

A. For information about the NHSA CV Program, please contact Peggy Green, Director Health Services at Yarmouth Regional Hospital.

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