What is a YMCA Ambassador?

A YMCA Ambassador is a link to your YMCA. Someone who makes new members feel welcome. 

How does the program work?

Established members agree to be an ambassador to new members.  When a new member signs up, they are asked at that time if they would like to be contacted by a YMCA Ambassador to help them get aquainted with their YMCA.   It may be as simple as answering questions about classes, teachers, or showing new members around the facility. Maybe you would like to attend a fitness class with you so they don’t feel intimidated and alone.

It is not an ongoing commitment for an ambassador, but gives a little help to a new person.

The program is FREE. Free to new members to use, and free for us to offer because it is carried out by YOU.

If you would like to become a YMCA Ambassador, its as simple as filling out a form and waiting to be matched up with someone of a similar age/interests.

Then its time to make new friends!

Stop by the Service Desk today and ask a Customer Service Repsentative how you can get involved in your YMCA.