Wednesdays at the Y

On Wednesdays, we make sure we have lots of fun with Yarmouth’s teens!

The goal of W@Y is to build a structured foundation upon which futures can be built. All in the name of fun we focus on anything and everything important to teenagers. From just hanging out with friends to focusing on the needs and requirements of writing effective resumes. Part of maintaining W@Y’s integrity and strategy is implementing the following platforms.

Youth Centred.
Include the notion that each youth is not treated equally but rather fairly and relative to their individual needs and level of development.
         Include the awareness of diversity; cultures, religions, sexual orientation.
Strength based.
Discovering individual strengths in each youth member and then helping develop these strengths in a positive environment. (Wayne Hammond 9 steps)
Solution Focused.
– Focus on positives instead of negatives, Identifying the problems that often occur in the life of the youth then attempting to diagnose and fix potential problems.
– Using the Youth Empowered Solutions (YES) approach to successfully empower youth.
Positive Adult Role Models
Strong adult allies can provide the incentive for youth to get involved and stay involved with organizations.

It is of great importance to the YMCA that the youth of Yarmouth are given the required tools for future success. Providing these tools in a safe and fun environment is of great importance to us.

W@Y poster pic

Free swim follows which is optional to W@Y participants.