Winners 2016/2017

Tuesday, November 1st, 2016
Y12 Winner of 4 Mariners Tickets
Barb & Reid Nickerson   Ticket #0927

Friday, November 25th, 2016
Y12 Winner of $5,000.00
Laura Surette   Ticket #1735

Saturday, November 26th, 2016 SPIN TO WIN
Julie Cameron:  Basket from South Shore Coffee Company Inc.
Linda Jacquard:  Gold Rush Live New Years’ Eve Rockin’ Dance Party Tickets
Don Amiro:  Travel Basket from Bishop Trips
Joan Comeau:  Handmade Quilt from Hook ‘n’ Sea Crafts & Gift Shop
Rhonda Leblanc:  1 Year YMCA Yarmouth Membership

Friday, December 10, 2016
Winner of the 2016 Fully Loaded Ford Focus from Tusket Ford and $5000 in gas cards from Petro-Canada is DANIEL LEBLANC of Saulnierville! Ticket #0693   Ticket seller was Wanda Mullen!


Friday, December 30, 2016
50/50 Winner

Sue Goreham
Lower Clarks Harbour
Ticket #3271 Sold by Y12 Shop
Ticket Winnings: $23,690!!!

January 6, 2017
Y12 Winner of $12,000
Doolys Yarmouth
Ticket #2113  Sold by Taralee Spurr

January 13, 2017
Winners of $1200 Each
Diane MacDonald-Stewart  Ticket #1502 Sold by Anna Thompson
Gary and Lorelle Melanson  Ticket #1290 Sold by Clare Pharmasave
Lisa Hanf  Ticket #2469 Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
John Crosby  Ticket #2688  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Vaughn and Camilla Amirault  Ticket #2478  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

January 20, 2017
Winners of $1200 Each
Angela Deveau and Junior Vacon  Ticket #1257  Sold by Clare PharmaSave
Aaron C Nickerson and Al Blades  Ticket #1771  Sold by Y-12 Lottery Shop
Colin d’Entremont  Ticket #0562  Sold by Y-12 Lottery Shop
Michel and Andrea Robicheau  Ticket #1219  Sold by Clare Pharmasave
Archie d’Entremont  Ticket #2344  Free ticket from Spin to Win!

January 27, 2017
Winners of  $5,ooo Each
Paul Deveau  Ticket #1294  Sold by Clare Pharmasave
Walter Spinney  Ticket #2603  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, February 3, 2017
Winners of $1,200 Each
Paul Lombard  Ticket #0427  Sold by Wanda Mullen
Pauling Corporal  Ticket #2675  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Jim Quick  Ticket #2233  Sold by Anna Thompson
Cheryl & James Pothier  Ticket #1355  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Stephanie Penney  Ticket #2458  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, February 10, 2017
Winners of $1,200 Each
Helen Atkinson  Ticket #3293  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Shawn & Michelle Christenson  Ticket #2971  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Brenda & Robert White  Ticket #2334  Sold by Mac Robicheau
Arthur & Joyce d’Entremont  Ticket #3362  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Friends of TNR  Ticket #0550  Y95 Contest Winner Assigned by Daphne Mood

Friday, February 17, 2017
Winner of $12,000!!
Monday Night Poker Group (Contact: James Spurr)  Ticket #2103  Sold by Taralee Spurr

Friday, February 24, 2017
Winners of $1,200 Each
Pleasant Supplies Group  (Contact Joey Haley)  Ticket #0068  Sold by Yvonne Surette
Brenda & Bill Dulong  Ticket #0422  Sold by Wanda Mullen
Kathy Haley & Rob Jewers  Ticket #1037  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Danna Sweeney & Superstore Group  Ticket #2071  Sold by Virginia Hill
Rick & Tania DeViller  Ticket #2607  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, March 3, 2017
Winners of $5,000 Each
Chris Fuller   Ticket #1172  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Kimberly Deveau   Ticket #3360  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, March 10, 2017
Winners of $1,200 Each
Rachael Surette  Ticket #1781  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Mariners Centre Group (Contact Donna Pothier)  Ticket #0835  Sold by Anna Thompson
Jolene Muise  Ticket #0060  Sold by Yvonne Surette
Matt MacMillan  Ticket #1649  Sold by David Gorman
Lisa Maxwell  Ticket #1605  Sold by by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, March 17, 2017
Winners of $1,200 Each
Deb Cameron  Ticket #3329  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop
Brian and Tina Rogerson  Ticket #2286  Sold by Mac Robicheau
Alan Leblanc  Ticket #0865  Sold by Wanda Mullen
George and Joanne Larkin  Ticket #0759  Sold by Wanda Mullen
Keith DeViller  Ticket #1566  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, March 24, 2017
Winner of $5,000
Mac Grant  Ticket #2399  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop

Friday, March 31, 2017
Grand Prize Winner of $50.000
Debbie Sweeney & Bob Boudreau  
Ticket #0709  Sold by Y12 Lottery Shop