Whitecaps Swim Team


JR. WHITECAPS – Learn competitive swim skills without competition. Earn levels bronze, silver and gold as you improve your endurance and abilities. Program starts each new session in spring, winter and fall, and runs 8-10 weeks. The Junior Whitecaps program is open to children 6-13 years of age. Registration is required. See the Whitecaps brochure for more details.

Y Member  $30   Non-Member  $40
Please contact the YMCA at 902-742-7181 for information on Junior Whitecaps.

WHITECAPS – The Whitecaps are a non-profit sport team that ascribes to healthy sport participation, goal setting, school attendance & performance, overall fitness, & healthy nutritional food choices.

We are governed by an executive board consisting of parents & coaches. All families are expected to be represented at parent meetings, which are held monthly.

We have special social events for families and occasional special events for swimmers.

Whitecaps Contact Information
Team Questions: Ginny Smith 643-2247
Parent Responsibility Questions: Jean Brown  742-8088
Treasurer: Tina Doucette  740-6881

Please Note: Members of the Y Whitecaps pay a registration fee for the program. The YMCA does not take payment for membership in the Whitecaps.
Please contact Ginny Smith or Tina Doucette.
If you have questions about general YMCA membership, please call the Service Desk at 742-7181.