Beginner Basics

Beginner Basics

Our Nate Bain Wellness Centre provides everything needed for any beginner, from 16 to 60 plus.

It is equipped with Keiser air-assisted strength training machines, cardio bicycles, an inversion table, and a stretching area.

What are the advantages of Keiser Air?
Starts at 0 weight
Ideal for Beginners
Allows people to exercise through a full range of motion
One-pound increments
Fingertip resistance controls
Digital display
Counts repetitions
Easier on the joints
Adjustable seats
Correct, secure positioning
Easy to use for people 4’10” to 6’8″


The YMCA of Yarmouth has many beginner/senior-friendly activities. Some are listed below:
Lane Swims
Pool Running
Deep Water Fitness
Aqua Fitness Classes
Positive Aging Program
Chair Yoga

Yin Yoga