Fitness Staff and Volunteers

Fitness Teachers/Volunteers

Health & Fitness Recreation Supervisor:  Barbara Firth
Wellness Leader:  Tyler Greene, Jamie Humphrey, Cory Fevens
Gym Attendants:  Donovan Moulaison, Lucas Amiro, Colin Morehouse

Volunteer Fitness Teachers:

Amanda Maillet – Step, H.I.I.T., Bodyshaping
Craig Minard – CycleFit Level 2
Sharon Everest – Gentle Yoga, Chair Yoga
Sam Comeau – P.O.W.E.R., Full On Fitness Programs (when available)
Cory Fevens – Gentle Yoga, Yoga Flow
Elaine Nickerson – Aqua Power
Kerry Lawson – Chair Yoga, Gentle Yoga
Krissie Wyman – Yoga Flow,, Yin Yoga
Marilyn Surette – Bodyshaping
Leland Whitman – CycleFit Level 2, Two Wheel Trivia, FITT Bit
Lynette Amirault – Cyclefit Level 1
Wanda Mullen – Cyclefit Level 2
Sue Theriault – Classic Cardio, Combo Hi-Lo
Kathy Leblanc – Swim Lessons, Deep Water Fitness
Jennifer Hood – Pool Running
Tessa Morehouse – Pool Running
Barbara Firth – Weight Circuit

Our fitness instructors are certified in Basic First Aid and CPR. Staff are certified in Basic First Aid/CPR, as well as Child CPR.