Positive Aging Club

The YMCA of Yarmouth is proud to announce a new addition to what we offer. The Positive Aging Club is for members only, and will feature monthly guest speakers/guest classes.

Classes will be tailored to those who are interested in aging in a positive way, and designed for low impact, rehabilitation, and strengthening, as well as cardio enhancement.

Guest speakers will be speaking on a variety of topics for positive and healthy aging in today’s world.

Members of the club will be emailed a week prior to each monthly event, and can opt out at any time.


If you are a current member of the YMCA, and would like to be included in our Positive Aging events, please phone the YMCA at 902-742-7181 and speak with a Customer Service Representative to be added to our list. All we need is your email. (the YMCA does not share your email address with anyone)


The YMCA of Yarmouth offers many class options for seniors. Some of these options are:

Lane Swim – An hour in the pool to swim laps.

Deep Water Fitness – A fitness class in the deep end of the pool. Pool floatation belts are provided.

Aquafitness – Classes in the pool for all levels of fitness.

Pool Running – Fitness classes held in the deep end of the pool for all fitness levels. Pool floatation belts provided, but you may bring your own. No swimming required, just the ability to get out, move and have some fun in an energetic environment.

Seniors Rec Swim – Swim time only for seniors, the style is your choice; laps or not.

Ladies Swim – Swim time reserved only for the ladies. All ages and levels invited.

QiGong – Enjoy a light stretch and movement class, taught by a senior instructor. Great for seniors, rehabilitation or those who wishing to add movement to a sedentary routine.

Yin Yoga – A stretch-oriented yoga class focusing on holding poses for a longer period of time, and less movement.

Chair Yoga – A yoga class for those that have trouble getting up and down from the floor, or those wishing to add to their yoga routine. Can also be done from a wheelchair.

AquaPower – An aqua class with more movement, for those seniors who are more active.

Beginner Cyclefit – For those seniors who lead a very active life and like to bicycle, this class is for you. Work at your own pace. (Please tell the instructor if you have any issues before beginning the class)

If you are interested in our Positive Aging Club, and are not yet a member, why not come into the YMCA for our Meet & Greet. Held on the last Thursday of each month, this is for anyone. Come and have a cup of tea, ask questions, gather information about what we have to offer, and speak with other members.

y meet & mingle poster pic

We will be posting upcoming Positive Aging events soon, so keep checking back for dates and times!