We Applaud You

Here we recognize staff and members who have achieved greatness in healthy living. It is admirable to make changes at any point in your life, no matter the circumstances, and we salute them!  If you have information on a members’ accomplishment, please send it to barb.firth@ns.ymca.ca so that we can recognize them.



Congratulations to our very own Jennifer Hood, Aquatics Director. Jennifer was honored with the Sport Volunteer Award for all of her hard work with swimming. Jenn regularly attends swim meets, transports swimmers, and so much more. Thank you Jennifer for making health and wellness a priority and promoting our swimming community!


The first provincial long course swim meet (50 meter pool) was held at Dalplex this past week end. There were two meets, a junior meet and a senior meet. No team scores were kept.

The individual results from the Junior Meet were as follows:

12 and under Boys-
Ibaad Hemani placed 2nd in the 200 Breast, 3rd in the 50 Fly, 5th in the 50 Free and 8th in the 200 Free.

12 and under Girls-
Chloe Durling placed 3rd in the 50 Breast and 50 Free, and 7th in the 200 Breast and 200IM.

Bria MacKinnon placed 6th in the 50 Breast.

13 and over Boys-
Alec d’Entremont placed 2nd in the 200 Free, 3rd in the 50 Breast, and 4th in the 100 Breast and 200 IM.

Parker Deveau placed 3rd in the 50 Fly, 6th in the 100 Free, and 7th in the 100 Breast.

The individual results from the Senior Meet were as follows:

15 and over Girls-
Jadyn Hood placed 8th in the 50 Breast.

Hannah Doucette placed 6th in the 50 Back, 8th in the 100 Back

15 and over Boys-
Ian Bullerwell placed 2nd in the 400 Free and 4th in the 50 Breast and 8th in the 200 Breast.


YMCA Member Rachelle d’Entremont Wins Big at the ECC’S


Rachelle’s introduction to the sport of bodybuilding happened during the summer after her first year of University (2007). I started casually going to the local gym in her hometown of West Pubnico where she would see Suzanne (local girl) training for her first figure show. Intrigued, inspired and a bit intimidated, she immediately knew it was something she wanted to eventually pursue.

She started training seriously in March 2015 following a back operation in January 2014 for a herniated disk. Her back was healing nicely and she was antsy to get in shape and lose some weight. At that time she hired a diet coach to get her meal plan on track and a friend helped her with her weight training program.

One thing lead to another, she started seeing results and decided in July 2015 to compete in her first show in Montreal in October 2015. She placed 1st in her height class and took home the overall title.

She continued training and competed in the ECCs in Halifax in December 2015 where she placed first in her height class.

Next stop, 2016 Provinicals in March 2016.

Rachelle says “It has been an amazing ride thus far and the support from friends, family and fellow gym goers has been positive and uplifting; I cannot wait to see how far this journey will take me! Dream big!”


YMCA Member Jenn Leblanc Competes in ECC’s


Jenn has been working out with weights for close to 15 years. She decided to compete after watching a friend train in 2014, and since that time, it was on her bucket list. The more she looked into the sport, the more she knew she had to do it.

To compete meant dedication, so she hired a trainer and spent five to six days a week in the gym for a total of 16 weeks. Her workouts would be anywhere from 2 to 2 1/2 hours a day, towards the end of the preparation.

Preparation for an event like this not only consists of gym time, but lots of travelling to Halifax for posing practice, and hours of meal prep.

Jenn placed 5th in Bikini Masters at this fall’s ECC’s and plans are underway for the spring.

Jenn continues to live a healthy lifestyle, and plans on competing at the Provincials in March 2016.

Staff Member Samantha Comeau places at ECC’s!

Why she decided to do it: She’s always had a passion for fitness. She always told herself she’d compete once she slowed down, once she graduated and settled. The truth is, there is no “better time”. she said. “I’ve had many comments from the gym crew at the Y encouraging me to compete, so I went for it. When you have a passion, you go for it. I started reading books, following people who have competed and asking questions around. I needed to know what I was getting myself into. I thought I knew it all, I wasn’t even close”.

Sam put a lot of hard work into it: She’s a dedicated gym girl. 6 out of 7 days she was here working out. She started “prepping” 12 weeks before the competition. She hired a coach, bought her suit, heels, etc. On top of her training, She is a full time student, worked full time for a school work term and volunteered at the YMCA every Tuesday night. As it got closer to the competition, she trained before and after work and managed to fit in a hour at night for school work. She also spent a few weekends in Halifax for training, seminars and posing practice.

Samantha has many aspirations for the future. Fitness wise, she hopes to grow, continue competition and maintain strong, healthy and happy.

Congratulations to Samantha on a job well done. We wish you much success in the future!

Yarmouth Triathlon 2015: YMCA Team Scores Big!

Congratulations to our very own triathlon team “J Dogs Splash Flash and Dash” who competed in the Yarmouth Triathlon on Sunday, August 16th. Team members were Josh Bower, Jeff Muise, and Jennifer Hood. They came 1st in the Short Distance Category. Here are the stats:
750m Swim: Josh Bower
40k Bike: Jeff Muise
5k Run: Jennifer Hood

jenns team

East Coast Championships, New Brunswick July 3-5, 2015

Four Yarmouth Whitecaps: Alec Boudreau, Ian Bullerwell, Mary Beth Brown and Hannah Doucette completed their swim season in New Brunswick this past week end at the East Coast Long Course Championships. They were joined by their university swim mates Charli LeBlanc and Zoee LeBlanc.  The girls placed in three relays, 8th in the 4 X 200 Free, 9th in the 4 X 100 Free, 11th in the 4 X 100 Medley Relay.
Charli LeBlanc was 3rd in the Sr 50 Back and 12th in the B Final of the 100 Fly.  
Mary Beth Brown was 6th in the B final of the Sr 100 Free.
In the male category, Alec Boudreau placed 5th in both the 12 and under 50 Breast and 200 Breast.
Ian Bullerwell placed 6th in the B Final of the 200 Breast.

There were 35 teams from Maine, Ontario, and all of the Atlantic Provinces.

Boston Marathon 2015

Yarmouth’s Bobby-Lou Reardon, running her second consecutive Boston Marathon finished with a time of three hours, 48 minutes and 25 seconds. 
Denise Robson, formerly of Yarmouth had a great showing, placing third overall in her age group of female 45-49 with a time of two hours, 54 minutes and 11 seconds.
Ontario resident Kimberly Cox also used to live in Yarmouth. Cox registered a time of three hours, 31 minutes and 53 seconds.
Over 100 Nova Scotians took part this year.

Staff Member Achievement – February 21-22, 2015

maxine gold

Congratulations to Maxine D’Eon, who won a Gold Medal at the Special Olympics held this past weekend in Kentville. Maxine is the “second stone”, and is wearing her medal proudly while she works. We are very proud of you Maxine! You wear it well.


Ryan Shay

ryan shay

Ryan Shay has been so busy this season competing at wheelchair racing events, not to mention training for them, that he likens it to being his job.

The most recent payday for Shay came when he learned he had been selected to compete at the 2014 IWAS World Junior Games, being held at the Stoke, Mandeville Stadium in the United Kingdom. The event, put on by the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation, runs Aug. 3-8. Shay left for the UK on July 31. At the games he will compete in the 100m, which he reached standards for, and also the 200m and 400m wheelchair racing events in his age category.

Shay was pretty excited when he received the official notification that he had qualified for the games, not to mention when his Team Canada competition apparel arrived. It’s one thing to compete. It is another to do so while representing your country.

Shay reached his 100m standards to qualify for this world event at a track competition at St. Mary’s University. “I was trying to get standards for both nationals and worlds and I pushed 20.29 which was enough to get me both,” he says. He later pushed standards again at nationals in Moncton. Shay has trained hard throughout the past year for the various events he’s competed at. Aside from training at home, he’s done training camps in Atlanta and Daytona. In May he competed at one of the largest wheelchair competitions in the world that was held in Switzerland.

His ultimate goal is to qualify for the Paralympics in Rio in 2016. It’s a lofty goal, considering he only got into wheelchair racing and athletics throwing last year. Shay has been in a wheelchair since a January 2013 car crash. But he made huge strides in the months following that accident – both in rehab and turning to different types of quad sports – and the former AAA hockey player continues to look forward, not back.

The best adjective to describe Shay is determined.

This determination can be seen at competitions and in training. It can also be seen in posts on his Facebook page: Ryan Shay Paratrack, including one post that reads, “Some people say good things come to those who wait. Truth is, good things come to those who work.”

After this competition in the UK, Shay will get a bit of a break. Aside from some races and track events closer to home, he doesn’t have any major meets coming up. Still, he says keeping busy this past year has been good for him. Actually the word he uses is “amazing.” The training and competitions are expensive so Shay has been looking for sponsors and is appreciative of any public financial support he receives. He keeps people up-to-date on his progress, training, competitions and funding opportunities on his Facebook page.

Still, while he’s kept busy, it also hasn’t been easy. He still has many medical issues he is constantly having to deal with. Being a quadriplegic, it’s par for the course, he says. But as another quote posted on his Facebook page states, “Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”
Shay hasn’t had any trouble convincing himself of this.
(Reference: The Yarmouth County Vanguard: www.thevanguard.ca)

Aug. 4: So for the U23 400m races they put all the classes together and went by a point system, how close you are to the world record for your class determines your points (system is a bit flawed). Even though I crossed the line last in my heat, I came second last in the point system in my heat. However, I got a new personal best, beating my previous time by 13s with a new time of 1:22.02s!! Pretty excited even though I didn’t make finals. The 200m race is tomorrow, ready to crush that PB as well!


Member Achievement: Anna Woodworth-Gates

YMCA member Anna Woodworth-Gates attended the Santana Anderson East Coast Classic this winter. Anna won first place in the womens’ physique division.

Judges choose a deserving recipient for the X Factor Award from every competitor, male and female, who showed the most potential to go far in the sport. She was presented with a sword for this honor.

Congratulations Anna on all your hard work!