Parent/Tot Swim


Swim time especially for parents and their children. Toys are provided, or you may bring your own. Parents can bond with their children, and contribute to positive development of the child. Please see our schedule for times and dates.

Members: Free, Non-Members: $5

Bonding With Your Baby Through Swimming

Although swimming from an early age promotes water confidence and life-saving skills, one of the most amazing benefits of swimming with your child is the bonding experience it can provide.

Skin-to-skin contact between a parent and child has loads of benefits from birth onwards. It is proven to calm and relax both the mother and baby, regulate a baby’s heart rate and breathing, stimulate the baby’s digestion, regulate their temperature, protect against infection, stimulate feeding behaviour, and stimulate the mother’s body to release hormones that support breastfeeding and nurturing instincts.

Plus, its great for parents and grandparents too ☺