Parent/Tot Swim


Swim time especially for parents and their children. Toys are provided, or you may bring your own. Parents can bond with their children, and contribute to positive development of the child. Please see the Youth/Swim Schedules for times and dates.


Members: Free, Non-Members: $5

Bonding With Your Baby Through Swimming

Although swimming from an early age promotes water confidence and life-saving skills, one of the most amazing benefits of swimming with your child is the bonding experience it can provide.

The YMCA parent/tot swim is a brief pocket of time in your busy week when you both get to live in the moment together, and where you have the chance to focus 100% of your attention on your child.

The faces of the parents and their children together in the water – eye contact, smiles, giggles and a sense of trust that works wonders for strengthening the bond between them.


Skin-to-skin contact between a parent and child has loads of benefits from birth onwards. It is proven to calm and relax both the mother and baby, regulate a baby’s heart rate and breathing, stimulate the baby’s digestion, regulate their temperature, protect against infection, stimulate feeding behaviour, and stimulate the mother’s body to release hormones that support breastfeeding and nurturing instincts.

Swimming is a great way to build skin-to-skin contact – there is nothing more reassuring for a child in water than to feel the gentle touch of a parent who is calm, relaxed and giving them attention.

Learning and experiencing new things together

When you take your child swimming, you have the opportunity to learn and experience new things together.
The water is a natural, comfortable environment for young babies, coming as they have done from life in the womb. It is also a very sensory experience, which young children love.

If you get your child used to being in the water from an early age, you can help to stop it ever becoming a source of fear or the unknown, and better equip your child to try new experiences.


Swimming is about fun

Although water confidence and life-saving skills such as water orientation, floating, breathing, back floating and kicking are all learnt through swimming lessons, one of the most important things that you can take away from each session is the fact that you and your child have had fun together.

Plus, its great for parents and grandparents too ☺